Pamper a Camper: Surprisingly Adorable RV Renovations

Camping isn’t for everyone.  Sure, there’s purists that think it must be done in a tent, without electricity or any creature comforts, then there’s some that recognize the convenience of an RV or camper.  The thing with campers is, they don’t get used all that frequently, so they’ll last for decades but often sit accumulating issues without anyone paying attention to them and their look and décor becomes outdated.  I think a small camper redo would be a great mini-flip project, and I recently saw an adorable one in the June issue of Country Living.  Mandi Gubler of revamped her 1973 Bell Travel Trailer into some retro-kitsch-cuteness.  Can you believe the transformation?  It’s adorable.  Here’s a few before and afters of her trailer, “The Nugget”:

travel trailer interior reno

I found that there are quite a few camper renovations out there that deserve some showing off so I thought I’d share them here.  This first one from The Noshery kept some of the unique vintage appliances, polished them up and mixed them with modern decor.

This one  from Fancy Farmgirl (whose blog it seems sadly doesn’t exist under that name any longer)  is light and bright, making the space seem so much larger.

These camper renovations are makeovers of quintessential Airstream trailers, with their telltale stainless steel  accents and domed roofs.

And finally here’s another before and after highlighted by Country Living.   The change from old fake wood to bright aqua ceiling and white cabinetry bring this Airstream into the current decade.



This makes me want to embark on finding a camper to flip…. I can hear my husband grumbling now… but no worries honey, for now, you’re in luck, I’ve got nowhere to park it.


Ottomans and Poufs Under $200

It’s a staple in many of my designs. A good ottoman or pouf is an excellent way to fill an empty void in the floor space and is so, so versatile in both use and styling. They provide so much more than a place to prop up our feet. Ottomans can be extra seating, double as a coffee or end table, be a pedestal for art or tchotchkes, and in some cases, include storage inside. I use them solo and sometimes in sets of two or three. Afraid to commit to a bold color or pattern on an entire sofa or chair? Add a bold ottoman instead. Want something easily moved from one room to another or swapped out for the seasons? A pouf just might do the trick.
Ottomans have been around for a long time but I think our recent love affair has become so popular because the life of the ‘ol extending recliner with foot rest operated by the little arm or button on the side has passed (you know the ones I’m talking about, your grandpa still has one he won’t let go of). People are more style conscious today and are opting for a more updated look of an armchair and separate ottoman. Thankfully you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg simply to have a place to prop your legs. Here are a dozen great ottomans and poufs under $200!

Discount Dozen: Ottomans and Poufs Under $200!

cheap ottomans and poufs


1.  Soukaina Leather Pouf Ottoman    $174

2.  Botany Green & Ivory Ottoman  $199 

3.  Parton Linen Fabric X-Base Nailhead Bench    $67 

4.  Yorkshire Ottoman    $179 

5. Alseda Banana Fiber Stool    $30  (these are low so stack 2, and you still won’t break the bank!)

6.  Williams Tufted Fabric Ottoman Bench     $123 

7.  Becca Ottoman    $199 

8. HomePop Kids Storage Ottoman   $123  (don’t forget to shop the kids section – nobody has to know it was originally intended to hold toys!)

9.  Keats Button Tufted Oval Ottoman     $139 

10.  Hercules Imagination White Leather Ottoman      $199 

11.  Multi-Color Round Chindi Pouf    $80 

12.  BirdRock Home Woven Seagrass Storage Ottoman     $135   

Hidden Under the Stairs

I am always amazed by people that find creative ways to maximize and make the most out of their homes… especially those that make an otherwise unusable space into something that fits their lifestyle needs.  Lately I have come across some really amazing ways people have used that strange space that is underneath a set of stairs.  The default use for this space, as it is in my home under the lowest set of stairs is a closet.  Sure, it’s useful, but it’s also a bit, well, boring.  Here are a few ideas that could make this space spectacular.

Yes, I suppose this is technically a closet as well, but this is a much better closet that makes the stair wall a focal point with these great glass doors.











Making each stair into  a drawer adds a ton of storage and is completely hidden.

















This is also a really attractive way to add drawer storage that looks so clean and put together.

















What better way to use this space than as stylish storage to show off your wine collection or better still, a bar to drink it at!


































After you grab that glass of wine I hope you have another set of stairs because the perfect place to sip it will be be from this reading nook.  This design by Three Birds Renovations is simple but inviting.












If you’re really motivated to maximize the understairs it makes a quaint spot for a powder room.











And finally, this is just too precious, but what better way to utilize the small space than making a fun place for the smallest residents of the house.