Hidden Under the Stairs

I am always amazed by people that find creative ways to maximize and make the most out of their homes… especially those that make an otherwise unusable space into something that fits their lifestyle needs.  Lately I have come across some really amazing ways people have used that strange space that is underneath a set of stairs.  The default use for this space, as it is in my home under the lowest set of stairs is a closet.  Sure, it’s useful, but it’s also a bit, well, boring.  Here are a few ideas that could make this space spectacular.

Yes, I suppose this is technically a closet as well, but this is a much better closet that makes the stair wall a focal point with these great glass doors.











Making each stair into  a drawer adds a ton of storage and is completely hidden.

















This is also a really attractive way to add drawer storage that looks so clean and put together.

















What better way to use this space than as stylish storage to show off your wine collection or better still, a bar to drink it at!


































After you grab that glass of wine I hope you have another set of stairs because the perfect place to sip it will be be from this reading nook.  This design by Three Birds Renovations is simple but inviting.












If you’re really motivated to maximize the understairs it makes a quaint spot for a powder room.











And finally, this is just too precious, but what better way to utilize the small space than making a fun place for the smallest residents of the house.