Tropical Escape in the Florida Keys

I’ve been seeing a lot of advertisements recently for the Florida Keys.  The visions across my TV include gorgeous seascapes that look serene, tropical, relaxing, warm and inviting.  This is not the Florida Keys that I remember driving through in our red mini-van as a kid.  Honestly, back in the late 80’s, I remember the keys looking pretty dumpy.  No offense Keys, I may have been moody because it seemed like the longest drive of my life!  I’d love to go back and see if the Keys could prove my 11-year-old brain wrong.  I decided to take a more immediate approach for seeing what the real Keys may have in store by perusing some real estate.  Two things are certain, beautiful homes and land are available in the Keys, and they don’t come cheap!  Check out these beauties.

These first 2 homes, one a traditional colonial, the other a edgy modern number are in Islamorada.



This next lush tropical palace is in Key Largo and offers a bit of seclusion which is a rare luxury on the Keys which are so super skinny that there’s not a lot of room to be a land baron.


And when you’re secluded on Key Largo, this is how you get around… wonder if they are included in the purchase of the home? Is that one on the left a golf cart or the old Pope Mobile?


Key West, all the way at the bottom of the Keys, is the one part of the Keys that I recall being quaint, historic and having a lot of personality in a small package.  There are a ton of homes that are really cute Hemmingway-esque British Colonial cottages in Key West.



Now that I’m seeing images of present-day Florida Keys, I’m thinking they’d make a wonderful escape from winter, maybe for a long Valentine’s Day weekend.  Do you have a favorite not-to-far tropical getaway?