Red Hot Rattan

Curvy rattan, cane and bamboo furniture is all over the place these days.  You can bet that retailers have been moving it to the forefront of their displays lately since spring as upon us (though as I write this there are weather forecasts predicting insane amounts of snow for the northeast in March)!  Rattan, cane and other natural elements are red hot right now and you can drop a small fortune on a designer or vintage piece like this, which without a  doubt is gorgeous, but yowza…it’s $1800!












If you’re like me and can’t make that sort of commitment then these new pieces from IKEA, yes, IKEA may be more your speed.  They are beautiful and inexpensive. They have a number of great options in chairs, chaises, settees, end tables and pendant lights in several designs from their Jassa, Kungsholmen, and soon to-be-released Mastholmen lines.





















Here’s how I’d style these cane pieces in a wonderful, brightly lit sunroom!

  1. Jassa Chair     $79
  2. Jassa Pendant lamp shade     $30
  3. Knitted Tweed Throw Blanket      $29
  4. Jade Green Pillow    $27
  5. Capiz Shell on Ceramic Vase      $87
  6. Jassa Chaise lounge        $119
  7. White Bohemian Floor Pillow Boho Cushion Cover – 32“        $20
  8. 5×8 Blue Jute Soha Area Rug        $150


This post is not sponsored by Ikea or anyone – all opinions are my own.